Getting my first jab – Thank you NHS!

Waiting for my jab at Westgate Surgery

I had my first jab at Westgate Surgery in Otley today. As someone in the clinically vulnerable category, it was a fantastic feeling to get my first jab and know I’m on the way to being protected. A big shout out to all the local staff and volunteers involved front and backstage in the vaccine roll-out.

Everyone I’ve spoken to is full of praise for the West Yorkshire vaccine programme – we’ve seen GP practices in our area rolling out the Covid vaccine programme ahead of some other parts of the country.

The NHS, Public Health and Leeds City Council have helped build one of the strongest local partnerships for testing and vaccinating in local communities. That’s partly why our local practices are so efficient in delivering jabs. I’d like to say a huge thank you to Leeds Clinical Commissioning Group and our local GPs and nurses.

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